A house in Kensington London – With Hip Hut Deco

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A house in Kensington, London
– features one of our favourite clients. A New York lady with the most extraordinary style, a journalist turned interior designer, speculating in antiques and a wife and mother. Hip Hut has been involved here in developing and co-ordinating for some 15 years now.  

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Hip Hut Deco is a partnership – Artist Chris McClure with Daphne Dunn, photos: Kate Butner. Working with interior designers, architects, property developers, art directors and construction companies or directly for private clients. We operate either as individual artist/painters, or in teams of the best craftspeople, to whatever size needed to execute our client’s brief.

From houses, hotels, restaurants, shops and châteaux, to film-sets, music videos and events, we use our knowledge and experience of all the materials available and find imaginative ways to create the most exciting solutions for our clients.

Using trompe-l’oeil, varnishes, modern paint systems, sprayed finishes or straight decoration. For textures, we use stucco, plaster, polystyrene, polished concrete as well as brushes.

Alongside established painting methods, we continue to find and develop new ways of using both traditional and modern products that will be most suitable for a project, such as the surrounding conditions, extremes of temperature and time / budget constraints of the brief.

Oloidien Bay House Kenya paint effects – Hip Hut Deco

hip hut deco

Paint effects

This blog is about Oloidien Bay House Kenya paint effects.

Photo by www.obhkenya.com The house is available and all details can be found at this address.

Header image Out of Africa by Baroness Karen Von Blixen-Finecke 1937. Original rare book edition for sale at www.camillesourget.com

Most generously the children were invited to join Hip Hut Deco on his painting trip to the client’s house in Kenya. A wonderful once in lifetime’s chance to explore this magical place for which I’m truely grateful, I stayed home to hone my blog writing skills pending their photos and stories of fabulous childhood experiences.

hip hut deco

Oloidien Bay House Waterhole www.obhkenya.com

Historically the header photo depicts the orignal author’s bookcover “Out of Africa”.   Baroness Karen Blixen’s memoirs of growing up in Kenya with her parents who formed part of the “Happy Valley Set, the european aristocracy who settled in this area of Kenya between the 2 world wars. The roaring 20s and 30s leading to the great depression. The book has been made into 2 films. The huge open freedom of Kenya and hedonism somewhat overcame these people,  leading to wild drink and drug fuelled parties, liberal relationships, jealousy and murder. WOW- see the film “White Mischief,” (not a gun in sight at Oloidien Bay I hasten to add). She also wrote “Babette’s Feast”. The artistic influence  of the 20s/30s era is still apparent in fashion and interiors today. For Example, Mondrain (1872-944) a founder of free intellectual thought and abstract painting, until fascism took over.  Below paint effects bookshelves at Oloidien Bay House.

hip hut deco paint effects

Mondrian bookcase

Further, in setting the scene, I must mention “Born Free” 1966 inspired by the surroundings and written by Joy Adamson, this photo is called “In the studio”, with Elsa the lion. Photo by jo.ath.cx

hip hut deco

“in the studio” where joy adamson wrote most of born free.

The family returned brimming with stories of wildlife – Hippos, warthogs with antennae tails “on their phones” as the children joked, giraffes on the viranda, elephants, a lion … the list goes on, of night drives in jeeps, and the great characters they had met at the house. The photos were a little random, for the children, the input overload was intense and Hip Hut Deco was too busy on paint effects, enhancing the ambiance with the flow of his brush it would seem.

hip hut deco paint effects

by www.obhkenya.com

hip hut deco paint effectsgirafUntitled 1

Geographically situated at “Little Lake” adjacent to Lake Naivasha. Oloidien means “shallow” in Massai.

With life in Kenya focused on the great outdoors and no clear seasonal differences. The interior/exterior lines are blurred. There is an abundance of native and exotic hardwoods, the rich coloured earth, the display of wealth at ceremonial gatherings, the textures found in skins, the vibrant geometric designs in wax cloth and paint effects. These themes run  through the interiors creating a style unique to the region.

Every country has their own version of “rustic”- it can mean upcycled, reclaimed, repurposed or shabby chic (sorry if that’s a trademark I can remove it?), distressed or vintage.

Below: The Treehouse and Lamu bathrooms at Oloidien Bay House.Treehouse bathroom-Oloidien Bay HouseLamu bathroom-Oloidien Bay House

In Africa, rustic means imaginative reuse of the natural resources often to great decorative effect. Complex wooden ceilings in rich dark grains, stone buildings with sculpted plaster and paint effects with limewash colour. African Massai figures in silhouette as a frieze, painting or sculpture,  leather clad columns, hippo teeth to ornament a bread board’s edges which might be a huge slab of mango wood, or horns used for handles and no not hunted – old age or road kill, (Oloidein Bay runs as a farming community). The bling aspect of marriage ceremonies leads to the love of metallic/shiny surfaces such as ceramics or wallpaper. Not so much cliche more a celebration of identity.shiny n leathercolumnscush m1

Paint effects by hiphutdeco.

Via the British museum’s exhibition earlier this year – Social fabric African textiles today,  I learn that their vibrant fabric designs have much hidden significance reflecting the characters of those who wear them. Illustrating the age in which they were created, tastes, social and cultural background. Capturing social, political, religious and sexual mood. To quote their website “Their patterns and inscriptions also vary according to the age of the wearer and the context in which the cloth is worn. This unspoken language may be used to suggest thoughts and feelings which cannot be spoken. They are worn in secular and sacred contexts and play a central role in all of the major rite-of-passage ceremonies in women’s and, in some cases, men’s lives.” www.britishmuseum.org

Vlisco-Fashion_Palais-des-Sentiments_collection-01-Copier webzine.unitedfashionforpeace.com  by Vlisco Fashion-Palais des Sentiments collection.motif grill

hip hut deco paint effects

dining room by www.obhkenya.com

hip hut deco paint effects

Breakfast on the veranda by obhkenya.com

africa doorPainted at Oloidien Bay House.

There are more examples of stunning interiors on our pinterest Africa/Kenya board which can be accessed via the website, featuring recent (2013) trend and designers.